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Setting the standard for best practices in employment testing, we provide comprehensive services and products to employers looking to implement or enhance their drug and alcohol testing programs. From screening through confirmation, our flexible and robust solutions include federally regulated laboratory testing for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Department of Transportation (DOT), rapid screening devices, technology-enabled third-party administration, complete IT integration, data management tools, customized training, and more.

Available for urine and oral fluid specimen testing, our user-friendly rapid screening devices come in a wide range formats and panel configurations. Choose from the following products optimized for employment testing, or contact us for a complete list of products to find exactly what you need. You may also combine any of these with laboratory confirmation and record keeping of on-site negatives for a defensible substance abuse testing program. To ensure consistency in application, we maintain a staff of product specialists who provide technical support and deliver training on how to use each product within your specific operation.

Alere iCup®

Collection cup combined with a test device that detects a broad array of prescription and illicit drugs along with specimen validity.


Alere iScreen® Dip Card

A dip-and-read test device that detects up to 12 prescription and illicit drugs along with specimen validity.


Integrated E-Z Split Key® Cup

Integrated device that allows testing to be activated at your convenience, detecting a broad array of prescription and illicit drugs along with specimen validity.



Department of Transportation (DOT)-approved breath alcohol testing with professional accuracy in a convenient, easy-to-use device.



We offer DataLink and eScreen Services as primary reporting and collection management solutions.

Having specialized in laboratory workplace testing for over 30 years, we understand the requirements of these unique programs and the state and federal laws that regulate them. We combine experience with innovation to remain on the forefront in accommodating regulatory guidelines and industry trends. To enhance the services received from our multiple Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)-certified laboratories, you can access our toxicology experts and technology efficiencies. Choose from these services or view our complete list of lab testing services.

Urine Testing Services

Required for regulated testing and trusted in non-regulated industries, our state-of-the-art technology, proven urine testing methodologies, and skilled laboratory staff ensure accurate and prompt results.


Oral Fluid Testing Services

Oral fluid testing allows for ease of collection in the non-regulated workplace while ensuring reliable results in a timely manner. The non-invasive method does not require special collection facilities.


We offer DataLink and eScreen Services as primary reporting and collection management solutions.

eScreen Drug Screening Technology

We serve as a technology-enabled third-party administrator (TPA) that providing next-generation employment screening applications for hiring and maintaining efficient workforces.

eScreen understands your needs. By partnering with some of the nation's largest employers, we've gained an expertise that we have incorporated into a comprehensive suite of innovative products and services.

See how eScreen can fulfill your company's needs:

We set the standard for drug testing program management, processing millions of healthcare and corporate data transactions each year. Our EOHN® eScreen Occupational Health Network currently numbers over 5,200 collections sites, offering employers a truly nationwide solution.

Our centralized process has been designed to ensure program compliance for all DOT and non-DOT hiring programs. As a truly integrated, electronic drug testing solution, our strength is in our ability to simplify local and nationwide testing.

DataLink Web-Based Reporting

We provide information, test management, and reporting through our web portal, DataLink connects your authorized individuals with their drug screen data while enabling more efficient and effective management of a substance abuse testing program. It also gives you the tools and information you need to efficiently and effectively manage your substance abuse testing program with us. For more information, or to sign up, please call (800) 433 3823.

Customize your workplace testing program: (800) 340 4029


  1. Source: National Drug Intelligence Center and National Drug Threat Assessment 2011 Report. The principal components of lost productivity are reduced labor participation, incarceration, premature mortality, enrollment in specialty drug treatment, and hospitalization attributable to illicit drug use.

DataLink Reporting and Collection Management

Need to view your drug test report or administer a collection? DataLink connects you with the tools and information you need to efficiently and effectively manage your substance abuse testing program.

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Allaying Enployees Concerns about Workplace Drug Testing.

Allaying Employees Concerns about Workplace Drug Testing. Learn more.