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Service Notification: June 2013

FedEx® has changed Clinical Pak requirements when shipping specimens to a laboratory.

Inner box no longer required when packaging urine and oral fluid specimens.

FedEx® requirements for shipping specimens to a laboratory have changed. FedEx no longer requires the use of an inner cardboard container when shipping urine or oral fluid specimens. Eliminating the use of a box will save you time, resources, and storage space in collection areas.

The FedEx Clinical Paks are also changing from clear to white (non-transparent) bags. The Clinical Pak will be used as an overpack for shipping non-infectious clinical specimens such as urine and oral fluid specimens*.

You may begin shipping specimens in both the clear and white bags without the inner cardboard container immediately. Alere Toxicology will continue to provide you with Clinical Pak bags but will no longer supply you with inner cardboard containers. Continue to use the FedEx supplies you currently have in order to deplete your stock.

Please ensure all collection staff are aware of this FedEx Clinical Pak change, and that they understand the laboratory shipping supplies will no longer include a box.

If you have any questions, please click here to locate your Client Services Department, or call the FedEx DG Hotline at: 800.463.3339.


The Alere Toxicology Senior Management Team


* Blood and international requirements have not changed; shipments still require an inner cardboard box.