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Service Notification: March 2014

Your 4 Part Non Federal Custody and Control Form has changed.

In response to your feedback, Alere is pleased to announce our newly designed 4 Part Non Federal Custody and Control Form. The enhanced forms are in stock at Alere and ready for immediate use, however, you should continue to use the old version of the form until your current inventory is depleted.

Why were my forms updated?

  • The new forms were updated to simplify the form completion and collection process.
  • The new form can now accommodate either a urine or an oral fluid specimen.
  • The new form may be pre-printed with your test panel codes (five maximum) to meet specific testing needs.
  • The new forms help accelerate sorting and processing for the laboratory.

When should I begin using these new forms?

We ask that you continue to use your current stock of Non Federal Custody and Control Forms. When reordering additional forms, you will receive the new updated forms.

If you have any questions, please call us at 800.433.3823, option 1, or contact us for more information.

Your assigned account representative may also assist you during this transition.

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Client Notification Letter [pdf 545KB]

New Form

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