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Urine Testing

Oral fluid testing is recognized as a reliable and innovative test format that provides fast and convenient specimen collections. The non-invasive method does not require special collection facilities necessitated by the privacy requirements of a urine collection. Additionally, because each collection can be directly observed, donor tampering with the specimen is virtually eliminated.

Alere Toxicology analyzes oral fluid specimens for substances of abuse via state-of-the-art technology and automated systems. Our skilled laboratory staff ensure you receive accurate analysis on your oral fluid specimens.

We have structured Alere Toxicology into specialized divisions so that we can offer unique and customized oral fluid drug test solutions that fit the needs of all our customers. Please select the option that meets the needs of your oral fluid testing program.

Oral Fluid Drug Test Services for Clinical Marketplace

We work with you to create customized oral fluid testing options for your specific practice needs. We offer a comprehensive pain specific panel which meets the growing needs of the patients who are prescribed controlled substances.

Medication monitoring solutions call: 800.994.2088

Oral Fluid Drug Test Services for Non-Regulated & Forensic Settings

To perform testing, we have numerous oral fluid test panels to suit any client's need. If we do not have a test panel in our system that matches your requirements, we will create one.

Workplace and employer solutions call: 800.340.4029

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