Select from a wide variety of formats and drug configurations, including many CLIA-waived and 510(k) cleared-to-market screening devices.

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Statement on Forensic Use Products

Please take a moment to read our Forensic Use Only Statement about rapid screening devices.

About Alere Toxicology Section


Reliable, rapid test results enable you to make informed decisions about substance abuse issues that could compromise the safety of patients, employees, and business. Our rigorous manufacturing standards ensure you receive the best possible products and support resources.

Professional Screening Devices

Urine Screening Devices

Select from the industry's widest variety of dip, cassette, and all-inclusive cup designs. We offer multiple drug configurations that are 510(k) cleared-to-market, along with many CLIA-waived devices that are ideal for clinical use.

Alcohol Screening Devices

Multiple device options are available for breath and saliva screening of alcohol, including some that are DOT approved. In a few simple steps, alcohol-screening results can be obtained at any location.

Cotinine Screening

Rapid determination of smoking status, utilizing urine and oral fluid specimens.

Complementary Products

We can provide you specimen validity tests, external controls and reagents, collection supplies, and all the resources needed for laboratory-based confirmation services.

Screening Device Resources

Having proper knowledge of substances of abuse and testing program protocols can increase the success of implementing and maintaining drug-free environments. We understand all aspects of administering drug and alcohol testing, and offer a complete list of ancillary resources.

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Training and Certification

In-depth screening device procedures and training certification quizzes available for all customers. Visit Alere Learning XChange now.

eCCF paperless process now available for DOT testing at two Alere Laboratories.

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