About Alere Toxicology Section

About Alere Toxicology

Since 1978, Alere Toxicology has provided excellent substance abuse testing solutions, providing timely and accurate services that deter and detect drug and alcohol abuse. We are a single-source solution for quality analysis that includes laboratory testing services and rapid screening devices.

The benefits of partnering with us go beyond science. We are a financially stable, reputable organization that is unique in the industry, delivering breakthrough service options with a human touch.

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Alere Toxicology is comprised of multiple laboratories within the United States and Internationally that specialize in toxicology testing service, including three laboratories certified by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the industry's benchmark certification program.

Our technical team includes experts in the field of forensic toxicology, Ph.D.'s, chemists, and nationally recognized expert witnesses.

Our commitment to professional service and unique solutions for each and every client, coupled with scientifically proven methodologies that provide the necessary information for our clients to make the determinations on drug and alcohol screening they need.

Alere Toxicology also offers a full range of supplementary services and products customized to assist clients in implementing a comprehensive and cost-effective program.

Along with laboratory testing for substances of abuse, Alere Toxicology offers a wide range of screening devices that provide reliable, cost-effective, and rapid testing for substances of abuse on-site. Our current inventory includes over 300 configurations of drug, alcohol, and specimen validity testing devices and a catalog of ancillary supplies, collection kits, chain of custody forms, and shipping supplies. In addition to providing these products, Alere Toxicology uses its industry experience to deliver the same technical information and service that clients have come to expect from our laboratory services.


Join our dynamic, team-oriented work environment infused with a caring, empathetic culture.

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Learn how we consistently meet and exceed the certification requirements set forth by the highest standard in the substance abuse testing industry.

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Discover our global presence that provides diagnostic-based toxicology solutions to empower individuals from all over the world.

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By developing new capabilities in near-patient diagnosis, monitoring, and health management, Alere enables individuals to take charge of improving their health and quality of life at home. Alere's global leading products and services, as well as its new product development efforts, focus on infectious disease, cardiology, oncology, toxicology, and women's health.

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eCCF paperless process now available for DOT testing at two Alere Laboratories.